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Earlier this month, the guys at Birling hosted RBW for the release of our Jungle Vision Cruiser. Leave it to the skate community to come in droves! (The free beer may have helped.) Birling opened a few years back and has quickly rose to the top to be the leading skate shop in Canada’s capital. While Birling is first and foremost a skate shop, the real superiority comes from the handful of community outreach programs they are constantly promoting and involved in.

Programs such as GirlsSkate613, which encourages girls of all ages to try out and get involved in skateboarding. They have an open invitation for skateboard lessons, and are active members in the Ottawa Skateboard Association. All of this on top of the many skate events they are consistently hosting around the city. We at RBW look up to Birling as community leaders within our city and are super grateful for them and the thriving community they have fostered around their shop. So we thank all the guys at Birling and look forward to the many events to come! 

Thank you Aaron for the photos!