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The first Raised by Wolves NFT, "CHAINS" is now minted on Foundation.

The black and white animated composition was designed by Steven Steffen for RBW and dives into the process behind the all-over-print 3D "CHAINS" pattern featured in our SS21 collection.

“We built the repeating pattern in 3D to give it as much life as possible, adding ups and downs like a roller coaster to cast shadows. The chain lies flat near the edges of the bounding box, keeping the lighting even where the pattern repeats.

“Moments” happen along the way to break the monotony. Keys and locks, shattered links, zip ties, clevis links, etc, etc.

After building the pattern in 3D, the chains went into photoshop for lighting adjustment and half toning. We printed lots of full scale tests along the way on the plotter to make sure both the links and the half tone were at the right scale.”