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Fall 2019: Wild Ones

We are very excited to share this seasons Wild Ones collection. Produced by Barbarian Rugby in Kitchener, Ontario, our Wild Ones garments carry a unique Made in Canada story. 

Each shirt is a one-of-one piece comprised of hand-selected, deadstock fabric originally produced for a variety of destinations, including premier American and Canadian universities (like Harvard, Yale and U of T), high end NYC and West Coast private brands (that Barbarian manufactures for but are not at liberty of disclosing – hey that’s what NDA’s are for!) as well as a few professional sports leagues. Barbarian works with Raised by Wolves to curate and select each sleeve, chest, back, collar and cuff (and the pocket on the tees!) to produce a series of one-off garments. The Wild One you purchase could be made of fabrics originally sewn for three different sports teams and two fashion labels! No two shirts are exactly the same, though each one is made entirely of 270gsm (8oz) heavyweight cotton.

At Raised By Wolves, we are concerned with sustainability in the fashion industry and are actively explore ways to address this topic. We believe that creating garments from overproduced and/or unused fabric is a way forward --- at the very least as a conversation starter on alternative ways to reduce waste in the design and production of new clothing. We’d love to hear your thoughts. 

The FW19 Raised by Wolves “Wild Ones” shirts come in both short sleeve and long sleeve versions and are available now, exclusively on the online shop. Yes, they’re selected at random, but each one is amazing.